How do you normally plan your outfits? I go through a process that always involved checking the weather first, so I can figure out what will work for the current temperature and precipitation levels. It’s usually easy to plan for sun, snow, or clouds, but what about when it’s going to be raining on and off all day, like it does in the spring?  That’s when I turn to one of my “3 outfits to save for a rainy day.”

Rain is a fun one to dress for, because you can go bright and contrast with the gloomy weather around you, or you can choose neutrals and a classy raincoat. In the spring, it’s usually warm rain, so you can also get away with not bundling up too tightly! Here are my three outfits that will hopefully inspire you to build your own!

3 outfits to save for a rainy day - so cute!

Dress: Mango | Umbrella: Zappos | Shoes: Timberland | Necklace: Shopbop

This is one of those perfect outfits for a day with a warm drizzle. The floral boots give a pop of spring color while keeping your feet dry, and this cute umbrella gives you a cozy bubble to get you from place to place.

3 outfits to save for a rainy day - so cute!

Shirt: StyleBop | Pants: J Brand | Shoes: Hunter

What would a rainy day outfit be without some bright rain boots? You won’t even have to resist the temptation to jump into every puddle, you can just go ahead and do it!

3 outfits to save for a rainy day - so cute!

Coat: Joules | Shirt: Max Mara Sassari | Pants: River Island | Shoes: Salt Water Sandals | Bag: Make Me Chic

Salt Water Sandals might seem like a strange choice for a watery day, but if you want to wear sandals, these are the perfect choice since they’re made for the water. Your feet might get a little wet, but at least you won’t have wet socks! Pair them with a cute raincoat and you’re good to go.

What are your go-to items for the rain? Tell me in the comments! And if you’re looking for more style inspiration, check out my post on cruise fashion!


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